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Shetland Sheep Lambs

All Spring 2022 lambs have been sold or are staying at Foggy Hollow. Contact Us if you would like to be on the 2023 Lamb Waiting List or if you are interested in purchasing adult sheep.

Please remember that lamb fleece colors can change significantly in the first few months. By the age of 4 months we usually can determine adult color. However, sometimes even adults will change colors as they age.

Our family interacts with sheep and lambs continually, so they are friendly, do not have a fear of people, and can adjust quickly to their new homes. Sheep and lambs are used to being with cows, chickens, and dogs.

Member Fine Fleece ShetlandSheep Assoc
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Shetland Sheep Colors

2022 Breeding Groups

Breeding Group AI 1.png
Breeding Group AI 2.png
Breeding Group AI 3.png
Breeding Group AI 4.png
Breeding Group 5.png
Breeding Group 6.png
Breeding Group 7.png

Spring 2022 Lambs

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