UK Shetland Ram Semen Importation
Update: semen arrived safely in the U.S.
Invoices are being collected to determine final cost per straw, we expect cost to be $60 per straw or less.
We are compiling the paperwork for NASSA registrations to give to buyers.

We have been in touch with friends in the UK since around 2010 about the possibility of exporting semen from high quality UK Shetland rams to help diversify the lines that are available to American breeders. More recently, Kate Sharp, Philip and Amy Cowan, and Sue Watson (UK breeders) have all been watching for high quality rams that have potential for export. Plans have started and stopped due to changes in export requirements, but the borders are now open, so the UK breeders and we pressed ahead.


Current selection process: Approximately 30 high quality rams were assessed for quality, conformation, and meeting the breed standard. They were then selected to meet North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association (NASSA) policy requirements and next scrapie genotyping was carried out. Four rams were determined to have ARR/ARR genotype. Of all the rams put forward, we are down to these rams that have passed all of the quality and policy checks and are R1, which is the first hurdle to make them eligible for export.

Those four rams moved into isolation on a private farm in the UK for their mandatory 120-day quarantine. During this period, the rams will be visited multiple times by the Official Veterinarian who does all the required monitoring and testing for the location and animals. If any tests come back with unacceptable results, that ram will not move on to the next step.

After 120 days of quarantine, the rams move to the Semen Collection Center (AB Europe) for semen collection and a 30-day post collection isolation.

All four rams have exceptional conformation with good straight legs, level backs, good patterns, and good mouths. They meet the 1927 Breed Standard, as clarified by Appendix A and have fabulous wool in accordance with the standard. The rams have been approved by NASSA.

Jacob 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Colour: Grey Katmoget

Ear tag: UK0562689-00639

Born: April 16, 2020 (Single)

UK ram owner: Kate Sharp

Ewingston Flock, East Lothian, Scotland

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR

Poseidon 5.jpg

Colour: Fawn Katmoget

Ear tag: UK0117536-00196

Born: April 19, 2021 (Twin)

UK ram owners: Philip & Amy Cowen

Wadley Flock, Durham, England

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR

Wadley Oberon_edited_edited.jpg

Colour: White

Ear tag: UK0117536-00195

Born: April 10, 2020 (Single)

UK ram owners: Philip & Amy Cowen

Wadley Flock, Durham, England

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR

Wadley Peregrine_edited.jpg

Colour: Fawn Katmoget

Ear tag: UK0117536-00197

Born: March 18, 2021 (Single)

UK ram owners: Philip & Amy Cowen

Wadley Flock, Durham, England

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR

Reserve and Purchase Straws: Payments by Check, PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App

  • $25 deposit per straw, payable to reserve straws for specific rams. The deposit is refundable ONLY in the event of a ram not qualifying to move on in the semen collection process. If this occurs, the deposit may be applied to different available ram(s) or refunded to the depositor.

  • The balance of the purchase price is due when straws arrive in the United States.

  • $95.00 - $125.00 per straw estimated cost delivered to USA. Cost depends on how many straws are collected and actual costs. Price per straw will be no more than $125.00.

  • All straws collected will be brought to the USA. Shipment is not dependent on having deposits for all straws, as is sometimes a requirement.

  • One straw per ewe needed for Laparoscopic Artificial Insemination.

  • Minimum orders of 5 straws per buyer and an order can be from multiple rams.

  • UK tanks will be shipped to a Veterinary Controlled Location in the United States.

  • Reshipment costs within the United States are the responsibility of the buyer.

  • To reserve semen, please fill out the Straws Reservation Request Form.