What will you find at Foggy Hollow Ranch? A flerd (flock and herd) of sheep and cattle, a pecan grove, muscadine grapes on pergolas and trees, a Shetland Sheepdog who plays with sheep more than she herds them, and people who enjoy the Texas countryside and the challenge of raising animals. You could also find morning fog in the Fall and Spring. And you will find all of this in Hungerford, Texas, only 55 miles Southwest of Downtown Houston. Every day is an adventure and challenge at Foggy Hollow Ranch.

We offer Traditional 1927® Shetland Sheep fleeces and purebred, fine-fleeced Shetland Sheep lambs, yearlings, and breeding stock. Our goal is to grow Traditional 1927® Shetland sheep fleeces in a wide variety of colors, while providing a peaceful life for our cherished sheep and cattle.

Zelda, a German Angora rabbit came to live at Foggy Hollow Ranch!

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