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Shetland UK Imported Semen

Thanks to UK breeders, Kate Sharp, Philip and Amy Cowan, and Sue Watson, semen of four Shetland rams was imported into the United States. All four rams have exceptional conformation with good straight legs, level backs, good patterns, and good mouths. They meet the 1927 Breed Standard, as clarified by Appendix A and have fabulous wool in accordance with the standard. The rams are registered with NASSA.

If you are a breeder who wants to add new UK genetics to your flock, these semen straws are available for purchase. Each straw costs $55 (minimum of 5) and payment can be made by check or PayPal. Please Contact Us if you are interested in purchasing straws. The number of straws available are shown in the table below:

Straws 12-28-23.png
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