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Shetland Sheep Colours, Patterns & Markings



Jet black to shades of warm or off black, tips may fade to dark brown


Dark steely grey, like black frost


Dusky bluish grey in all fibres, (not a blend of white and black) varies from a brownish charcoal grey to blue grey



A mix of white/black fibre which as a blend appear to be shades of med grey

Light Grey

A mix of white/black fibre which as a blend, appear to be shades of silvery grey to almost white with trace black fibres


Dark Brown

Very deep brown, tips may fade to dark rust, lamb appears to be black at birth


Wide range of shades of brown between fawn and dark reddish brown, tips may fade to pale yellowish brown



Dark honey brown or shades of medium to dark taupe


Pale honey brown or shades of very light taupe, often with golden tones and occasionally with a pinkish cast.



A mix of white/brown fibres which as a blend appear to be shades from soft brown to cream with trace brown fibres



Fleece is either pure white or may have very light tan or pale apricot shade (a result of pheomelanin) either in patches or evenly distributed across the fleece which usually fades to white before the lamb is 6 months old. No traces of regular brown or black fibres.



Dark coloured upper fleece with light under parts including lower jaw, neck, belly, legs, and under tail. Head with light tear drops or bars by eyes. Light inside ears.



Light coloured upper fleece with dark under parts including lower jaw, neck, belly, legs, and under tail. Badger face pattern with dark stripes or bars on face. Dark inside ears.


Moget Faced

Displaying the Katmoget facial pattern only - without the body pattern.




  • Bleset - White stripe or blaze down the forehead

  • Blettet - White patches on top of head and nose

  • Katmollet - Having light coloured nose and jaws

  • Krunet - White patch on top of head

  • Mirkface - White with dark patches on face

  • Mullit - Light with dark coloured nose and jaws the reverse of Katmollet

  • Sholmet - Any colour body except white, with a white face

  • Smirslet - White around mouth, head or neck

  • Snaelit - Coloured body with an unusually brilliant, snow-white face

  • Yuglet - Having circles of colour (not white) around eyes


  • Bielset - Circular band of white around neck

  • Bronget - Dark coloured with white breast or reverse

  • Kraiget - Having neck (usually front part) a different colour from rest of body

  • Kranset - Dark coloured with white around eyes and neck, also see Smirslet



  • Bersugget - Large irregular patches of different colours

  • Bioget - White back with darker sides and belly or reverse

  • Blaeget - Having a lighter shade on the outer tips of the fleece

  • Blaget - White with irregular dark patches resembling partly snow covered ground

  • Brandet - Stripes of another colour across body. I.e. across back

  • Flecket - Coloured base with large white spots on body and or legs. Commonly seen with Yuglet face. Similar in appearance to Jacob sheep (note: sheep with a significant amount of white spotting may appear to be white with dark 'spots')

  • Fronet - Black/Brown spotted with white head and black/brown patches over eyes (See also flecket and yuglet)

  • Ilget - White with many small dark dots (usually grey or black)

  • Iset - Large number of white fibres in any coloured fleece, commonly seen in moorit, dark brown and black, where number of white fibres increases as the sheep ages. I.e. a black iset fleece may give a bluish hue from a distance

  • Marlit - Mottled, smaller irregular patches of different colours

  • Skeget - Stripes of another colour on sides but not going over the back

  • Sponget - Dark with many small white dots throughout fleece



Sokket Legs of a different colour than body

Shetland Sheep Colors
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