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Made with Wool

During a year, sheep grow their delightful fleeces, and we watch as the fleeces become larger and larger. Then the fleeces are sheered or rooed, washed, picked, carded and spun into yarn. All this yarn and so many ideas about how to use it! Although it would be great fun to knit lots of sweaters, that is not practical for someone living in Texas. So instead of sweaters, the yarn is used for presents given to very special people. The projects on this page show the variety of natural Shetland sheep colors as well as dyed Shetland yarn.

Packers Pillow
Packers pillow
Fair Isle PIllow
Knit gloves
Fair Isle Knit gloves
Sheep Purse
Knit balls, snake
Sheep baby sweater
Adult sheep sweater
Katies Kep
Sheep Hat
Sheep Hat
Christmas tree skirt
Fair Isle ornaments
Felted Sheep
Lace Blanket
Knit blanket
Shetland lace shawl
Knit blanket
Knit blanket
Knit blanket
Shetland Sheep wool rug

Foggy Hollow Shetland Sheep who contributed fleece to the rug

Sheep Pictures Rug
Shetland Sheep wool rug
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