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Wadley PEREGRINE 076920

Wadley Peregrine 076920

Colour: Fawn Katmoget

Ear tag: UK0117536-00197

Born: March 18, 2021 (Single)

UK ram owners: Philip & Amy Cowen

Wadley Flock, Durham, England

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR

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Wadley Peregrine is a fawn katmoget ram. He has a lovely dark fawn colour and was mistaken as a grey katmoget at birth, due to the depth of colour. 

He is the son of Hillend Edward and Wadley Isabelle. These sheep have been a regular pairing for breeders Philip and Amy Cowan due to the consistency in the quality of the offspring. In 2018 this pairing bred Wadley Magnus who was a multiple show winner, Champion at Ripley Show as a shearling, and was later sold at the Shetland Sheep Society National Show and Sale for 1,000 guineas (£1,050). 

Peregrine's sire, Hillend Edward, was Champion Shetland at the Great Yorkshire Show in 2019 and is a consistent producer of quality Shetland sheep. Edward is a black ram, so Peregrine will not have a double copy of the katmoget gene.

There are a number of notable champions in Peregrine's pedigree including Hillend Zulu and Galtress Iberia. 

Peregrine was put forward due to his fantastic fleece of consistent quality and length, his impeccable quality breeding line which comes highly recommended by his breeder and his breed type and quality.

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