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IMG_20221120_093126717_HDR sheep cutout.jpg

3" Wood Sheep Cutout


Shetland Sheep Color Wheel

Shetland Sheep Color Wheel Poster (11" X 17")

Easily identify Shetland Sheep Colors in a

side-by-side comparison


Dryer Balls

Large (4oz) Wool Dryer Balls from Foggy Hollow Shetland wool

$5.00 (0 left in stock)

Sheep socks.jpg

Sheep Pattern Socks (S, M, & L)

(56% baby alpaca, 24% bamboo, 18% nylon, 2% spandex)


Shetland Sheep Mouse Pad

Shetland Sheep Mouse Pad


Shetland Sheep Colors

Shetland Sheep Color Wheel Magnet


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