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Fleece & Yarn

All Shetland fleece and yarn are qualified Traditional 1927® products, as determined by FFSSA grading criteria outlined in the FFSSA grading chart. Wool is tested annually to ensure that the criteria is met. 

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2022 Fleeces have all been Sold

Our flock of Shetland Sheep will be rooed/sheared in March and April 2023

If you would like to be contacted when next year's fleeces are available, click here to send us a message.


Click below to open the 2022 Foggy Hollow Fleece Catalog which shows 2022 fleeces as examples of what will be available next year.

2022 Foggy Hollow Shetland Sheep Fleece Catalog (pdf)

Shetland Fingering Yarn

Mill spun from Foggy Hollow fleece

350-yard skeins - $18 plus shipping

Shetland Yarn

Gold, 0 available

Red, 1 available

Eggplant, 1 available

Blue, 0 available

Green, 0 available

Light Moorit, 2 available

Shetland Yarn

Raspberry, 1 available

Shetland Yarn

Teal, 2 available

Burnt Orange, 3 available